Lana Del Rey Wants All The Smoke With Azealia Banks After Twitter Spat



Just when you think Twitter is a bore, celebs hop on the wagon and ride it into each other. The case here is former pals Lana Del Rey and Azealia Banks, who slammed each other on the platform Tuesday (Oct. 8.).

Last week, Banks responded to a fan who asked her hot take on the singer-songwriter’s comments towards Kanye West. After West’s polarizing statements on President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, Del Ray addressed ‘Ye on Instagram by calling him a narcissist.

Banks, who recently received an invite to West’s studio, defended him by calling out Del Rey’s alliance to former flame A$AP Rocky. “To me, this just looks like the typical White women using a weakened target to “pretend” to be an ally,” Banks tweeted from her CheapyXO retail store account. She also accused Del Rey of “selective outrage,” while dissing her method of witchcraft against President Donald Trump.

And well, things got a bit messy from there.

Le sigh. The two creatives were once good friends, as Lana subtly pointed out.

One thing is clear. Lana is not one to back down from anyone.

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