Music: Pistol Annies – Sugar Daddy mp3


Music: Pistol Annies – Sugar Daddy mp3

Pistol Annies have unveiled the latest single from their forthcoming third album Interstate Gospel, and with it, they’ve returned to their musical roots: a particular affinity for rich men.

The latest single, “Sugar Daddy,” was written by each of the three Annies: Miranda Lambert, Angaleena Presley and Ashley Monroe. Based around a funky blues-rock riff, the track is a playful ode to each writer’s ideal man, who, in this case, is one who is wealthy and easy to control.

This isn’t a new concept for the Annies. Back in 2011, the trio crooned, “Sugar daddy, I’m coming for you,” in a single that went platinum, so, if anything, this latest track shows that the country-rockers know their audience. Further, in an album that seems as though it will spend a decent amount of time examining Lambert’s somewhat recent divorce, the confidence radiating from the track is beyond welcome.
“You get to see a little bit of our personalities in this song, and what we like in boys,” said the band in an Instagram post announcing the track. “It’s fun to play with your sexuality and the power that you have as a woman.”

Music: Pistol Annies – Sugar Daddy mp3

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