Clams Casino – Healing


Clams Casino – Healing

Clams Casino is best known for his instrumental output, and for his early association with Lil B who was then transitioning from a group dynamic to carve out his voice much like the unheralded producer. Since then, Clams Casino has become a household name and the purveyor of something completely unique and untouched.

On “Healing,” his first instrumental (full-length) release since his Rainforest EP in 2011, Clams attacks the violent exposure of trauma, with music his cathartic instrument. The New Jersey producer was most recently present for the launch of Joji’s debut LP, adding his touch to “Can’t Get Over You.” Furthermore, Clams produced for Lil Peep, on a record released exactly a year to his passing.

To coincide with the release of “Healing” (or conversely-speaking), Clams announced the following European tour dates to precede the North American shows scheduled for the New Year….

Clams Casino – Healing

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