Slick Rick – Snakes Of The World Today


Slick Rick – Snakes Of The World Today

Slick Rick is rereleasing his classic storytelling album The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick on the date of its 30th anniversary (yesterday). The remasted version of his magnum opus will contain previously unheard demos and B sides, the first to surface “Snakes Of The World” is a highly cynical view of the 1988 zodiac genus. You could make an argument that a lot of Slick Rick’s material from that era was tinged in a suspicion of others, his partners, the transit system, the justice system (which came to bite him in the ass), etcetera etcetera.

Slick Rick possessed the rare ability to make the most callous of remarks sound like sweet lullabies when put through the “melodica.” Physical copies of the 30th-anniversary edition will ship to record stores on February 22nd, 2019, while vinyl represses can be purchased as of March 15th. Slick Rick will also mark the occasion by selling a one-time-only “tour shirt” depicting the landmark album, through his online shop.

Rick the Ruler will always be one of the great “what if?” stories in hip-hop, considering he spent his prime years locked away.

Slick Rick – Snakes Of The World Today

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